One Monitor and a Garbled Display

ATI Catalyst tray tool has a useful screen resolution changer. The problem being I set this to a resolution that was much too high and the screen became a mess of moving horizontal lines, unable to change the thing back.

On rebooting, I found the resolution back to normal and everything was readable. That was until I logged in under my girlfriends profile, and the setting was resolution went back to its garbled form.

I knew how to fix this in the past, but after being out last night and my brain not in top shape, I let google try to answer this for me. Suprisingly it was hard to find a solution but this site had the answer:

Beginners Guides: 104 Performance Tips for Windows XP –

Basically it says reboot the PC, press F8 before windows kicks in and select VGA mode. Once you can see things, you can go and change the resolution to something you can see clearly.

Montezuma’s Revenge and C64 Emulation

Wearing my Commodore 64 WIZZKID tshirt yesterday sparked a discussion about classic games.

One of my friends had a fix to play Montezuma’s Revenge, the fix was so strong, he caried the disk image on his USB stick in the hope he’d come across someone with a C64 emulator… he was willing to buy a C64 just to play this game.

This morning I went looking and playing.

Apple IIe version

First google hit was the Apple IIe version. It felt a bit clunky and the graphics seemed a little piss poor (is it just me, or do you remember game graphics to be better when you were playing them as opposed to what they are now). Still, if thats the version you grew up on, you can get the “rom” from The emulator link they provide doesn’t work, but go here for the latest version of the Apple //e Emulator for Windows.

Nothing much to do with the Video Game

While browsing the net, I came across the meaning of Montezuma’s Revenge. Think of War of the Worlds meets Biological Warfare, 1520’s Mexico style. Montezuma was the name of the Emporer of Mexico at the time but got trounced on when Invaders from Europe took over. Soon after though, the invaders literally got the shits. A form of diarrhea that the Mexicans were immune to. Revenge is a dish best served… never mind. See Wikipedia

C64 Version

Moby Games had the first entry about the C64 version. It actually provided screenshots for all the versions of the game which allowed me to compare them graphically and know which tail I should be chasing. The C64 version looked one of the best.

The disk image ( I found here along with a pretty ordinary DOS emulator called PC64. My patience didn’t really last and I didn’t get past PC64’s dated interface. Knowing there are newer Windows emulators around I deleted PC64 and searched again.

The answer came in CCS64 for Windows. V3 was released on May 17th 2006 so its still in active development. It needs DirectX 9 but it means a very smooth run. Even on my laptop with 512MB and 1.4Ghz processor, the game ran smoothly. Download the version that includes the Installer. Unzip it to say C:temp, and run the installer from there. You can just press Next to accept the defaults.

Once installed, you can launch CCS64 from the Start menu. When you run it, it will bring up the old Basic v2 screen. Now unzip the file (c:temp or desktop or anywhere you’ll remember it in future). Montezum.d64 is the file that you need.

In CCS64, go to File->Load C64 Files->Disk Drive->Device 8.
You’ll then get a 1541 Device 8 page, simply use the arrow keys to navigate to the Drive and Directory you put Montezum.d64 file. Once Highlighted press F3 to start the game.

I found the C64 version to be particularly smooth and heaps more playable than the Apple version. Take a look.

Edit: I almost forgot. If you want to change the controls press Alt+I. You can then change the control method (Joystick port 2). I like KeySet 3 which basically maps the joystick to the arrow keys, but you can configure the keys to however you like.

Sega Master System version

While at Moby Games, I noticed the Sega version had graphics that gave Montezuma’s Revenge to all the other versions ;-). I didn’t play it myself, but if you are interested I found a place you could download the rom at I leave it to you to find a decent Master System emulator.


Effective Java Programming Language Guide

A collegue at work recommended this book.

I can make the following link in my experience
My C++ lecturer went to great pains to explain C++’s greatness in terms of OCF and having full control on the lifecycle of objects as well as make us understand how & when objects are created and destroyed. As well as the power of knowing the pitfalls of partial assignment and other cautionary tales I’m too busy to talk about here.

This book explains the Java side of that, whilst Java hides many of these things through garbage collection, interface and single inheritance, the book tells you Java’s side of the story when it comes to the more low level object management.