There is a new mod from Google for Apache servers called mod_pagespeed that removes redundant HTML before sending it to the client.  Very neat idea.  Makes me shed a tear I am wanting to move our legacy php into a Glassfish appserver so I cant take advantage of this, but still would be useful in future.

Optimization Made Easy with mod_pagespeed.

Embedding Tomcat 7 in your App

So what if you ship with a plain old Apache server just to run some aging PHP.  If you have an server app running all the time, according to this post, it looks like you can embed Tomcat, just like you can embed Jetty

.htaccess Tips

Sometimes I have to play with htaccess files.┬á This is usually followed by a process of ‘its been a while since I used htaccess, what are the options again?’ and a search of various blogs, manuals and other articles.

Here is a nice summary of what your htaccess should cover when deploying a new page.