This is Ezekial Ox’s new band.  I’ve gotta admit to exercising some caution before jumping into following a new band he fronts given that Mammal and Full Scale both imploded or exploded… but like a partner in a bad relationship, still want to give this a shot, and any gig with Ezekial Ox is fricken great, as much as I’d want to pretend thats not the case, it just is.

So Over-reactor is the new band site.  It contains a whole bunch of demos.  The first track off their demos, “Best of Worst” has a killer intro, a sort of stoner rock/QUOTSA feel.  Speaking of which, the whole Over-Reactor does have that ‘Mondo Generator’ feel to it, down to the name, and the sound.  I’ve only heard 3 tracks so far though and their is the demo monkier to consider, but it was more than what I was expecting, and it is a big enough of a departure from the Full Scale / Mammal stuff to be refreshing enough.  Watch that space.

Bushido and Muse

You must buy Mercina
You must buy Mercina
You must buy Mercina
You must buy Mercina

Bushido’s Mercina is easily one of the best EP’s I’ve heard since Cog’s Just Visiting and the Full Scale arrows series. I don’t think its fair to attempt to explain Bushido’s sound, but if you are in the scene then you will love them. I saw them with Sleight of Hand at the Green Room last month and they kicked arse. Dinic is one of Melbourne’s hidden drumming talents.

From little Melbourne band now, to a different scale, MUSE have been around a while. My friend Steph tells me they are touring at the same time Tool is and recommended me the album before last as the one to get into.

Indeed, Stolkholm Syndrome, Sing for Absolution, Time is Running out are some of my favourite tracks on their breaktrhough CD absolution. They have recently released a new CD which changes direction a little, but still with roots in bands like Radiohead but varying everywhere with bits sounding like Queens of the Stone Age, Mars Volta and even Coldplay here and there.

New Aussie Bands

These two bands have appeared on my radar recently.

Sleight of Hand

I know that these bands have both performed with Cog in the past so there is a tick of approval.

I know Sleight of Hand are from Newcastle and have a catchy tune going on. It’ll be a while before they hit Melb but still worth noting.

Karnivool, as my brother tells me, are a fusion styles, focusing on rock, more technical than tool, apparently the guitarist has one an award recognising him as best guitarist in Australia! To me I hear butterfly effect and grand silent to a higher production level. Took me a little while to get into, but once I was in the right space to enjoy it, enjoy I did.



Before Opus Dai, there was O.H.M.

They consisted of almost the same lineup with an extra female vocalist. There songs are still just as great. They made a video for Sora – personally I like the newer Opus Dai version better but still worth checking out.

They’ve done a cover of Tool’s Bottom, which if you are really eager, can buy from amazon here – appears on yet another tool tribute cd. To hear the vocals of Opus Dai infused into a great Tool track is a humbling listen.