[Presentation] Tomorrow’s Tech Today: HTML5

Groovy / Grails ‘personality’ ¬†(and I mean that in the most fondest use of the term)¬†Scott Davis presents a great round up of some cool HTML features.

InfoQ: Tomorrow’s Tech Today: HTML5.

He introduces some good tools and utils that help the forward compatible specification be read by HTML4 browsers none the wiser.

Firstly the HTML5 CSS trick to treat all the new HTML5 elements (header, nav, footer, video) to be treated as block elements in all browsers (except IE) and the html5shiv that does the same thing for IE.

Trivia: <input type=”someType”> gets rendered as a textbox if yourbrowser doesnt knowhow to show it.

There are some references to these sites which talk more about HTML

DiveIntoHtml5.org – an upcoming o’reilly book you can read for free here

HTML 5 Rocks

He talks about some stuff I wasnt too aware of such as HTML5 caching support (5mb) and SQL (25mb but no FF or IE, but useful for iPhone and Android browsers)


Modernizr (detect support for HTML5 & CSS3) – see findmebyip.com for an example.

“The goal is to program for HTML 5 and backfill for the rest of the browsers”

HTC Touch Pro

Ok, so I got my new phone toy and I must say I’m pretty happy with it.  Much smaller and better screen resolution than the 838 pro.  There are a ton of neat features all through the sexy touch flo interface which makes getting things done a breeze.

The first annoyance I had though was as it turns out, the HTC task manager.  It would automatically exit programs once a certain memory threshold had been reached.  Coming from a previous WM phone where the apps stayed open (most notebly, switching from email -> opera and back again), I found this very annoying – had to restart app instead of task switch.

To fix, there is a registry key HKCUSoftwareHTCTask ManagerEnableAutoKill which setting to the value of 0 will stop the auto-close behaviour.

That tip plus many more I found through the PPCSG forums here.

Opera browser is really neat on this phone. However if you’ve been using Opera for a while, you’ll notice its usually packed with options. This version has a big take on simplicity so the options screen is considerably lacking. Thankfully if you enter opera:config in the address bar, then you’ll be taken to a far more detailed config screen. Other special opera pages include opera:plugins, opera:history & opera:cache.  With regard to the config page, there are many sections, but the User Prefs section at the end is probably the most detailed.  Here you can up the number of open tabs from 3 to whatever you’re choosing.

Of Technology and Death

My Dopod 838 Pro (aka HTC Tytn aka Hermes 100) decided it was time to provide me an infamous whitescreen problem that affects various HTC variants.

XDA Developers suggest that the fix is to open the unit, and put foam over certain parts around the dpad and b/ween the dpad and the screen.  Other users have added more of this double sided sticky foam to other areas of the unit where the suggested areas dont work.  In addition, tightening or loosening the screws in the unit seems to work too.

Its not a 100% surefire way, some users have reported after that they still get the problem just less often.  The most surefire way to fix seems to replace the DPAD housing or the motherboard or use hot air and re-solder the ATI graphics chip.  I think when it comes to hot air gun or precision soldering, then I’ll consider the experts, however the HTC authorised repairer ‘Phonetec’ does not have a good reputation whatsoever.  I hope I dont need to excercise this option and can perhaps use an alternate phone repairer (since its not a warranty fix.)

I’ll probably address this next weekend when I have a bit of time.  Some good links I found in the meantime:

Spare parts for sale from a US repairer

HTC Dismantling guides

Review of the HTC Touch Pro – the phone I’ll get if its uneconomical to repair this one…. though it now seems I’ll have to seriously consider the support options

Pocket Informant 8 – A tool I’ll be getting once the phone is fixed that shows your agenda on today screen and other useful calendar/task/contact helps.

Mobile OS Love

or about updating the operating system on your Windows Mobile based phone.

 In the hunt for Windows Mobile 6, the next unofficial mobile operating system upgrade for the Dopod 838 Pro, I came across a few sites to help learn the process and terms involved in the upgrade.

¬†First up, although there is a Windows Mobile 5, there are different iterations of it, much like how desktop Window’s OS’s have Service Packs.¬† These are called AKU’s or Adaptation Kit Update and provide extra features or security fixes with each release.

My Dopod was shipped with AKU 2.6 but there was a subsequent 3.0 release which provided vast improvements.  This included upping to .NET compact framework 2.0, Internet Sharing (in place of the wireless modem program), an Javascript enabled Internet Explorer for AJAX based sites, better bluetooth support inc FTP for BT filesharing, vCards sent by SMS and WPA2 support.

You can read more about AKU’s, how to determine¬†the version installed on your phone¬†and the different releases available for Windows Mobile 5 here.

 I have since read there are AKU 3.2/3.3 versions out there too which improve on the wifi aspect.  More importantly though, you will need an updated v3+ AKU to upgrade to WM6 successfully.

¬†To upgrade to AKU 3.3 you can follow this post¬†on the¬†xda-developers site.¬† Beware, this isn’t a simple how-to, you’ll have to do some pre-reading to get the right software and know what you are doing before performing the upgrade.

 Acknowledgement: the links above were pulled from this discussion on the MyPDACafe.com site.

Ok, so now the first hurdle has been achieved, here are some discussion posts around WM6 on the 838 that I found useful

MyPDACafe.com :: View topic – WM6 “XDA Live” 0.1 for Hermes (Dopod 838pro) – Upg¬†– links back to XDA developers but also demonstrates the use of the new rom

[REPORT ISSUES] WMXL v0.20 Released… – xda-developers¬†– the main page for the newer release and a discussion of the issues faced.¬† There are potential issues with connectivity, not across the board, but some people are finding bluetooth headsets, wifi and hsdpa connections a little different.

Windows Mobile 6 Thread Links – xda-developers

XDADeveloperWiki РHTC_Hermes Рgreat site for all sorts of HTC / Dopod info


The final considerations are finding a way to backup the existing rom, backup your existing data, applying the new platform and having a means to roll it back should it all go haywire.  This is no small topic in itself so I will post again once I found out some more.

ActiveSync 4.5

Windows Mobile – ActiveSync 4.5¬†is now out of beta.¬† Best new feature is the means to have the phone use the PC’s net connection or the PC to use the phones connection without having to establish any PPP links.¬† Works over both USB and Bluetooth (haven’t seen reports about IR though I hope this is the same).