43 Things

This site is unreal. It’s like a todo list for personal goals and achievements. Think of a place where everyone in the world can place what they want to do and get feedback from it. The site has a zeigheist of what the worlds most impotant ‘things’ are.


a9.com keeps your search history


I like a9.com. Its a search engine thats run by Amazon. It uses Google’s search engine for web based searches so the results are of good quality. It also lets you search a plethora of other sources (some 200 and counting)

The trick is that the results from different sources appear in multiple panes in your browser, all at the same time. This helps by showing you different perspectives of your search term and a broader scope of what your search means to different sites. Therefore you can write better searches and find what you want quicker with little effort.

Initially I thought it was just another gimmicky engine trying to catch the search engine train until I realised the usefulness of the multi-engine search. I got started with it because a9 users get a small discount on Amazon purchases just by signing in and using the search engine (the discount kicks in after a couple of weeks of use)

There is a toolbar for both Firefox and Internet Explorer which does the sign in automatically so you’ll be eligible for that discount in no-time. The other aspect is that the system has a diary, bookmarks and history features that are computer independent which means that you can have a very fast & portable online lifestyle. Today I realised that a9 had been tracing my browsing history for the past 6 months. Many would feel this is a risk of their privacy, but more so I found it useful. Any firefox browser on any platform can install the a9 toolbar. Those using a desktop search tool to keep tabs on their browsing history are no longer restricted to a single platform.

My Travelling Face

My Travelling Face gave me a few seconds of laughter. I like the unique concept. Guy with a camera phone takes pictures of himself at various times of the day and various conditions. If pictures are worth a thousand words, then this guys blog is the longest you’ll find.. otherwise its light on the text and a unique template gets some plus points

C64 Emulator in Java


It’s True! A C64 based emulator in Java. The link contains a few games you can play, my only gripe is that the keyboard mapping doesn’t seem to be too laptop friendly (or is it that the way a laptop keyboard tries to overlay a numpad isn’t friendly to begin with?)

Paradroid, Wizard of War and a few other classics available when you want a quick C64 fix 🙂

Found via Holy Shmoly!

Great Blogs from nerds just like me

I’ve found some great links recently of people willing to share tips & advice about their linux experiences.

Because I don’t have a proper multi-platform setup yet (ie don’t have a firefox profile that will work under both windows and linux) I’ll post the sites up here.

Not only that but peoples side interests on their blogs really make me happy too.

First one I found was http://www.lifehacker.com/ which has awesome stuff, covering both linux and windows — time management and lifestyle advice — and just other all round geeky stuff *(build your own record player anyone?)

Next is Holy Shmoly! which has many categories but the linux tips and the c64 talk are what bought me there.

Sharp Ideas

Sharp Ideas

Found this site today. Seems to be a nice insiders guide to networking protocols and is a blog I’d like to have written. Currently has some info on SSL from a relatively laymans perspective. A great blog