Of Cisco, Tcl and Java

Whilst busily reading up on Scala and Groovy and other languages that ran on the JVM, I had a thought with regard to the scripting language that the network architect at work now advises is included in the Cisco ISG/ASR’s.  Cisco now have the Tcl scripting language installed on the IOS.  One application is used to control phone IVR and voicemail systems which is a pretty neat feat. 

Tcl itself doesn’t seem to be much of a mystery language either and should be easy for anyone coming from another scripting language background.

There is a Jacl for the JVM as well and also a means to bring Java code to a Tcl interpreter via Tcl Blend.

You can use Tcl to script EXEC level commands on a router such show version and int fa0/0 type stuff as shown here.

There is also a Cisco article about getting started with Tcl on the routers.

JavaPuzzlers Talk

This is a great talk with Josh Bloch and Neal Gafter with a whole lot of cooky Java-ness.  Programs that look like they should behave but don’t…. or even worse, work as expected, but not because they are following the line of execution you intended to.


Edit: If you look on Parleys.com and also Javapolis.com (now called Devox) you’ll be able to find the 07 talk (parleys) and the 05 (however wasnt able to find a direct link for that one on Devvox)

Of Technology and Death

My Dopod 838 Pro (aka HTC Tytn aka Hermes 100) decided it was time to provide me an infamous whitescreen problem that affects various HTC variants.

XDA Developers suggest that the fix is to open the unit, and put foam over certain parts around the dpad and b/ween the dpad and the screen.  Other users have added more of this double sided sticky foam to other areas of the unit where the suggested areas dont work.  In addition, tightening or loosening the screws in the unit seems to work too.

Its not a 100% surefire way, some users have reported after that they still get the problem just less often.  The most surefire way to fix seems to replace the DPAD housing or the motherboard or use hot air and re-solder the ATI graphics chip.  I think when it comes to hot air gun or precision soldering, then I’ll consider the experts, however the HTC authorised repairer ‘Phonetec’ does not have a good reputation whatsoever.  I hope I dont need to excercise this option and can perhaps use an alternate phone repairer (since its not a warranty fix.)

I’ll probably address this next weekend when I have a bit of time.  Some good links I found in the meantime:

Spare parts for sale from a US repairer

HTC Dismantling guides

Review of the HTC Touch Pro – the phone I’ll get if its uneconomical to repair this one…. though it now seems I’ll have to seriously consider the support options

Pocket Informant 8 – A tool I’ll be getting once the phone is fixed that shows your agenda on today screen and other useful calendar/task/contact helps.


8 September – Important testing for product release

12 September – One week till eye surgery (no more contacts, if I had any to wear)… features for release need to be done!

17 September – Software Product Release

19 September – Eye Surgery

23 September – Major Event following fruits of product release