Wake up

So a redundant blog is awakened? Why?

It’s time to regurgatate what I have learned to you all out there. Regurgitating knowledge is the best way to remember it. Hopefully if I’ve learnt something, then you will learn it to.

The other reason is this site has had no content for aaaaagggeeeeeeessssss. Just some happy snaps of bands I have seen in the past.

We’ll see how long we go before we forget about this blog stuff again.

…. 20 seconds and counting….


So, like when I first started Outro, I do have some goals for this place.

Originally, Outrospective was to be

  1. A cool looking, technologically pushing Flash based site – with lots of band photos
  2. Ramblings about the world we live and my philosophies on life

Although I did learn Flash, I really didn’t have the time to invest in it. As I’m older now I’m starting to appreciate the more simple things (perhaps why I opened this blog again instead of reinstalling dreamweaver) and I don’t need to push an artistic prowess. I recall Tool’s dissectional web page as some form of inspiration to stay away from a normal web interface & perhaps from time to time I’ll play with some navigational aids as I go along, but overall I’m not a web designer. I know some very good ones and they’re in a different ballpark from me.

I still have the need to do something different than the norm, so that’s where the content comes in. The ramblings about the world will stay as well. Perhaps as
Blogger has a comments system, I’ll activate that and see if anyone wants to talk πŸ™‚

So, if Outrospective.org isn’t going to be the Flash covered fiesta that it was originally meant to be, what do I want to put on there.

The plan is to make it a repository of info I’ve collected from uni and work. Mainly it’ll be a lot of stuff to do with computing, but I’ll also put some personal stuff about bands I like, experiences and those thoughts that keep going through my head that make me, me and you, not me. If I care enough, I’ll discuss wordly issues, only if you’re good. πŸ˜›

And so, here I guess is the site map v0.1. It doesn’t appear that Blogger supports tables but we’ll give it a shot anyhow.

Computers – man, this is the hardware bit, but it covers mobile phones, routers etc
Software – stuff I’ve come across that I think is useful
Networking –
I’m definetely no network hack, but I do love my router and news of what happens in the land of online
Mobile – I have an E1000 that I’d like to hack, and other related things about bluetooth nes and working on the road.

Programming – this will have to have subsections, and subsections in those subsections

WebDevelopment / Web & Application Serving
Brain – stuff I want to regurgitate from my computational nueroscience class
The Home Cooking Channel – maybe, though I’m not much of a rehasher of recipes
Animal Welfare – here is a box of soap, here are my views on eating carcass of dead creatures

– things bother me in this world. One of those things is how the low socioeconomic group of society seem to be stuck there, what they do to themselves, what the government does to them. I’d like the world to be a bit different, turn the tables
Procrastination and the battle with time management

I’ll add to this as I go along

And with that, I say thanks for the read. Hope you and I can both keep our attention long enough to the end

1hr 45 mins and counting

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