Peak Oil: Life After the Oil Crash

This is the most intruiging read. For two hours, I couldn’t take my eyes off it.

A well formed story that encapsulates all the problems with how the world is running out of oil, and that everything connected to it, is facing collapse. Along with (what little) we can do to avoid it.

The writer looks at the various solutions being promoted and those ‘environmentally friendly’ ways which actually use more energy to produce it than to actually generate it.

Personally, I found the part about plastics and electronics relying on oil to hit home the most. My job & home life depends on computers and electronics and even if I ride my bike to get around, I will still be faced with no job, no money to buy capital (more electronics) to re-invest and try to earn money, and whats worse, no food… no life.

For those that send out petitions to officials to lower the price of oil, I think this read will help you identify the causes of why the oil is so high in the first place, why it won’t go down, why the politicians you are writing to don’t have the ability to fix it and most importantly why you haven’t actually heard anything about it in the media.

Yeah, yeah, scaremongerer I am being I know. But being informed is at least a little bit better than being kept in a dream. That said, the writer sites a plethora of sources throughout his article which show that not only is there more reading you should do and that he is not just full of it, but that the energy companies and governments have known about this for a very long time and have ‘workarounds’ that don’t have anything to do with technological breakthroughs or better efficient ways to use oil (actually, not much to do with oil at all) to solve the ‘problem’.

Hopefully I haven’t corrupted or biased an anti-opinion with my view up here (ie scared you away). I suggest you read this guys article with an open mind and follow up the links presented. Even if you are still of the mindset that we will have affordable oil for our childrens generation, at least you will be able to site sources from here to support your opinion…. albeit demonstrating an amazing degree of tunnel vision at the same time.

Good luck and have fun. I sure did. ๐Ÿ™‚

Edit: Updated the link to point to the homepage, rather than the 2nd page of the guys article.

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