That song in the TV Advert

This TV ad has been on for a week or so now. Thousands of coloured balls bouncing down a hilly street. At first you don’t know what its for, something techy looking and I thought it was a printer commercial. As it turns out Sony has an ad for their newest TV. But while all these balls are bouncing down the street, there is this an acoustic soundtrack in the background and its very catchy…. I’ll say again, that amazing soundtrack in the background is extremely amazing. Metaphorically something inside me wants to say, “the song resonates across many planes of existence, drawing upon a common purpose we are all trying to rise up to.”

So with my new found fanaticism, some web research brings that Sony has dedicated a website to this commercial, which explains the making of it and most importantly, the track that’s played in the background.

If finding the website almost instantly wasn’t co-incidental enough, finding the artist Jose Gonzalez web presence, shows he is playing a show in my city in 10 days time.

After listening to Jose Gonzalez’s Myspace site with Dee, it is unanimously decided that we go to the Northcote Social Club, Nov 29. Here is hoping for a hot night out with a few drinks chilling out to this guys tunes.

Can’t capture enough the feeling that this guy has left. For myself, who is normally into metal, this acoustic act is a unique unexplainable deviance. But I know that I’m good at overtalking things up, lets see how he actually performs. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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