Development Process Links

Whilst reading chapter 2 about development process in UML Distilled, 3rd Ed. (by Martin Fowler), I came across these links related to Software Development.

xUnit Regression Tests – There are flavours of JUnit for many different languages. See this link for more information.

Refactoring – The force within you is strong.

Manifesto of Agile Software Development – Agile refers to the type of development process. In a Star Wars theme, it would go along the lines of: Get together with others who share the force. Some telepathy or other human communication will be nice. See for a definitoin.

Extreme Programming (XP) – is the best known Agile process around. See and for more.

Worth also noting about Agile processes are that they are lightweight processes, low in ceremony. Jedi’s don’t like having to document things and find that a strict set of rules on how to perform their task, interferes with their light saber use.

Patterns – The search for the holy grail ends here.

Project Retrospective – When you have finished something big, review it, warts and all. Learn from your mistakes. Pat yourself on the back (some people forget to do this, very important!)

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