O p u s D ä i

O p u s D ä i is a much hyped band that I heard about through streetwise. They are being compared to Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Mars Volta and even Tool. Whilst I don’t hear the reference to the former, they are being plugged as the next progressive thing and they are beginning to catch on with me too.
To hear some of their stuff go to this link at Download.com for 3 free tracks. Their myspace page also has an extra track that is streamable. Get into it, it’s free :-S

For the moment,http://www.decoymusic.com/are streaming the new album too. Now you too can see if they are better than Linkin Park or not 😛

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  1. Don’t know about better 😉 I don’t think any artist I like are ‘better’ than each other they all do something a little different for me.. However, they are contenders for me alongside Butterfly Effect 😉 Sweet tunes good find Kosta! Shall we put them on our to do list if they come out?

  2. Indeed Nanse, they have been touring with some good acts in the states. From the forums it sounds like they put on a good show

    Maybe a while b4 they make it here but we’ll keep em in mind.

  3. Oh, and the reference to Linkin Park was simply to the marketing machine that was behind them (LP) when they first came out. They had a more ‘Nu Metal’ sound but that was not apperent with ‘One Step Closer’ – a very regular metal sounding track in a world that was sorely missing Tool :(. They were trying to grab the regular metal fans – widening their fan base, nothing wrong with that per se, but its a little dissapointing when they bring out stuff like re-animation and partner with Jay-Z, you know where their roots are/were, and feel a little conned that they weren’t a legit metal act.

    The point is you can’t judge a band by its radio song, and in the case where they are heavily marketed too, it pays to keep an eye on where the band is heading – are they are manufactured band that will try to get us into hip hop (keep trying) or something that is real legit.

    After listening to Opus Dai’s album and seeing the site, band followings, etc, I dont think they are manufactured, but my jury is still out, I’d like to see their history before I become gaga for opday.

    I agree with your Butterfly Effect ref too. Maybe not as heavy but they have that butterfly effect vibe too them and definetly progresive feel

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