… and so we have learnt


Music Distributors have become ofay with the use of the internet. Where it is not practical to send a courier of a new release to a radio station, they release a wav file on a supposedly hidden part of their webspace.

After someone has discovered Vicarious here on the Zomba Label Group site, I’m sure the record companies will tighten up their net security and distribution in future. (maybe a VPN, maybe an encrypted download first with a key released on the actual date to decrypt said file – ala Steam distribution for Half Life 2)

But I guess we all learnt a lesson today. Well no, just the record companies did. Tool fans simply get the next installment of their Tool lives a few days earlier than expected.

Whoever is paying for Zomba’s bandwidth will have kittens.

Edit: Please, please, please get the wav file over the MP3. Due to the compression the MP3 does, the vocals come out much softer, and like most of my lossy rips of existing tool stuff, some drums get muted down. Its the little things that contribute to the experience and I can strongly recommend getting the WAV version. Suck it up, its big but its also a few days before the radio release and even then the streaming / broadcast quality won’t be as good as the rips. This song is growing on me much faster than schism did, I definetely didn’t think I’d say that 3 hours ago.

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