CVSNT server

I have had a CVSNT running on my desktop for some time now. Recently with more group assignments occuring at Uni, I decided to open this up to the rest of the world (well just the 3 other people that I’m participating in an assignment with)

Considerations for whether it is worth running a CVS server included the fact that the Uni firewall may infact block the relevant ports, so I looked at a way to publish the CVS project contents to the web.

The ViewCVS package contains a mini-webserver and allows users to browse a repository and download its files via FTP. To install and get this to work on a windows box with IIS can be a bit fidly but a Bo Berglund wrote an installer and has placed instructions here on how to set this up.

Bo also has another CVSNT getting started page which has links to a variety of CVS related info (books, tutorials and other software). Great if you are just starting out in CVS. I’ve came across those links before and was going to publish them seperately until I realised that Bo had bet me to it.

Edit: Some links just so you can concentrate your reading.

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