Object-relation mapping without the container


Right now, anything that detours EJB 2 in favour of another persistance mechanism is my friend. (ie EJB3 ;-), hibernate).

The linked IBM developerworks article focuses on Hibernate and this thing I didn’t know existed until a few days ago, Spring.

On another anti-EJB note, I was reading Beyond Java by Bruce Tate. From section 1.3

Keep in mind that I’m a cynic at heart. When it comes to technologies, it takes a whole lot of effort to get me excited. I still have never written a web service, at least with the massive IBM and Microsoft stacks, and I didn’t write my first EJB until 2003. I’ve never written an EJB entity bean unless it was to build a case against them, and never will. I’ve instead preferred simpler architectures, like REST, POJO programming, transparent persistence, and Spring. Even then, I was late to those parties.

Ah. Validation from a respected industry individual.

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