On the wrong side of procrastination

Its 3am in the morning. Some one needs to study.

Its like my formula for time management can be expressed as follows:

time taken = time to due date * 110% + small % of time to due date to actually get work done + penalty of up to 20% for getting estimation wrong.

To dumb it down, the formula says, set a fucking due date, and watch me wait it down, till it gets close, then race to finish it past the deadline.

Now, in my professional and academic development, and all the resources I have poured into dealing with this issue, you’d think I’d be better at fixing this.

A lot has to come down to maturity. Or so my spirit wishes me to acknowledge.

Just pick up the fucking book, pick up the fucking book… words turn into paragraphs, paragraphs turn into pages, pages turn into chapters, chapters turn into volumes, volumes turn into knowledge and make you go complete full round circle.¬†¬†There’s¬†no¬†mantra¬†like¬†hypnotic¬†mantra.

They (the well wishers and know it alls) want to tell you that its your spirits way of telling you you aren’t really interested in what you are doing. ¬†What are the alternatives, save the world with rock music? ¬†We’ll I’ve got a lot to say, but I’m not down with that music medium, you know what I’m saying (how about you go learn it?¬†– with what time?). ¬†How about, save the world thru technical wizardry, more feasable in my current position and more linkable to my goal¬†of¬†finishing¬†uni and what I’m doing now. ¬†Realism of saving the world? ¬†10% (save it from what?) ¬†¬†Realism of saving myself and my family to be and giving them the chance of a good life? 95%. ¬†¬†Realistic approach that finishing uni will¬†allow¬†me¬†to¬†attain¬†the¬†most¬†realistic¬†of¬†the¬†scenarios¬†above.¬†¬†Priceless.

a) Define the term idle RQ (stop-and wait ARQ) protocol.
b) Define the term Implicit Feedback
c) Define the term Explicit Feedback
d) Using a frame (message-exchange) sequence diagram show how an idle RQ (stop-and
wait ARQ) protocol handles:
i) Error free transmission
ii) a situation where one of the sender’s information frames is corrupted
using Explicit Feedback
iii) a situation where one of the receiver’s ACK frames is corrupted using
Implicit Feedback

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