Osteoporosis vs Lactose Intolerance

Well, if the dairy industry push that dairy will stop Osteoporosis especially in women as they age, I wonder how many people who suffer Lactose Intolerance go on later in life to suffer osteoporosis?

I mean if you consumed so much dairy in your lifetime to cause the gland that processes lactose to give up, then surely you’ve consumed enough dairy to stop the onslaught of ravaged bones later in life?

Alternatively, could Lactose Intolerant people be further at risk because they’ve reduced their consumption of dairy due to their condition and now lack the amount of dairy recommended by the experts?

Or is it all crap, are Lactose Intolerant and regular Joe’s all at similar risk. Is the dairy industry’s push of Osteoporosis an exaggeration? How much milk is enough?

Hey, I warn you now, this is an un-researched, completely biased question, but knowledgeable comments are appreciated.

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