Time Management Diets


Now I’m a reasonably slender person, many thanks to not living with a greek mother who provides snacks breakfast, brunch, lunch, dunch and dinner; helped along by this ‘vegetarianism phase’ of my life but if our physical appearance depended on how we consumed and utilised our own time, then I’d have to say that I’d be one huge behemoth creature, perhaps a jaba the hut of overbooked tasks and personal projects unrealised.

The attached blog provides 3 ‘Time Management Diets‘ in order to reduce the precious units known as seconds from falling into the vortex known as the relinquished past.

So if the TV diet, the mailing list diet, or the meeting diet sound like things you incorporate into your own life then you may as well get on board.

There is no time like the present. (Pun intended)

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