Ok, so I think in a previous post I tolled the virtues of having a VM in my java ee subject to run unix.

I’m falling in love with the increased speed that a virtualised environment provides which I believe is due to more things being kept in memory at a time.

At work today, I used the VMWare virtualisation client to talk to a new virtual machine setup for regression testing and it really makes windows believe that it is talking to a real machine connected to a real monitor.  Which helps greatly because QuicktestPro needs a real machine to record errors.  To find this option, look in the menu’s of the console for an install windows drivers which will install the necessary components into your virtualised OS.

Anyhow, I found the following page which describes how to setup a virtual windows xp install on the VMWare player.  What an excellent way for trialling software and always keeping a fresh install around to compare performance against.  I suppose that these steps could be similiarly applied to linux installs too.
VMware Player with your own Windows XP Professional Virtual Machine

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