Quick guide to router config

>enable (en)  go from user to privelaged mode

#configure terminal (conf t)  Enter configuration mode

(config)# hostname YourCustomName Put a hostname on the router

(config)# enable secret pass Enable a password on the router when entering privelage mode.  Stored in MD5

(config)# enable password pass Seldom used password enablement as above but stored in plain text.

(config)# line vty 0 4   Configure 5 virtual telephony ports (telnet) ports
(config-line)# password cisco
(config-line)# login 
Set password for telnet.  Forgetting the login command following the password will not make the command go through

(config)#line con 0   Enter the console config
(config-line)# password cisco   Set the password for the console
(config-line)# login 

#show run Show running config  (Show running-config)
#copy run start  Copy ram config to NVram
#show start  Show start
>show flash  Show config in flash

(config)# inteface fastethernet 0/0 or int fa0/0  Enter interface config mode
(config-if)# ip address  Set the ip and subnet for that address
(config-if)# no shutdown  Bring the interface up (shutdown would take it down)
(config-if)# description Your friendly description of the router

#show protocols  Show the state of the router interfaces
#show ip interface brief  Checks the state of the router interfaces

When using the show commands, use space to page down, enter to line down and any other key to exit the more prompt

#erase start  Erase nvram; Refresh the router to the default state
#reload    Restart the router, using config from new state

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