HTC Touch Pro

Ok, so I got my new phone toy and I must say I’m pretty happy with it.  Much smaller and better screen resolution than the 838 pro.  There are a ton of neat features all through the sexy touch flo interface which makes getting things done a breeze.

The first annoyance I had though was as it turns out, the HTC task manager.  It would automatically exit programs once a certain memory threshold had been reached.  Coming from a previous WM phone where the apps stayed open (most notebly, switching from email -> opera and back again), I found this very annoying – had to restart app instead of task switch.

To fix, there is a registry key HKCUSoftwareHTCTask ManagerEnableAutoKill which setting to the value of 0 will stop the auto-close behaviour.

That tip plus many more I found through the PPCSG forums here.

Opera browser is really neat on this phone. However if you’ve been using Opera for a while, you’ll notice its usually packed with options. This version has a big take on simplicity so the options screen is considerably lacking. Thankfully if you enter opera:config in the address bar, then you’ll be taken to a far more detailed config screen. Other special opera pages include opera:plugins, opera:history & opera:cache.  With regard to the config page, there are many sections, but the User Prefs section at the end is probably the most detailed.  Here you can up the number of open tabs from 3 to whatever you’re choosing.

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