Facilitation Patterns and Antipatterns

I read with great interest, the blog by steven list about Facilitation patterns (its also about a whole lot of other things Agile related)

It goes through a lot of different characters of facilitators in an engaging way – dare I say also provides a good opportunity to look at one’s own behaviour in meetings and question my communication techniques are as positive as I’d want them to be!

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  1. I’m so delighted that you observed the “…opportunity to look at one’s own behaviour in meetings…” – that’s one of the desired outcomes of my writing and of the learning game I developed for Agile2009. One of my favourite exchanges at Agile2009, after my session:

    Participant: “As a coach and facilitator, I tend to be more neutral in meetings. In taking on the role for this game, I became quite dominant. This caused others to hold back. Perhaps you should restructure the game to prevent this.”

    Me: “Perhaps. And perhaps this is an opportunity for you to recognize your natural style and deal with it.”

    Participant: “Oh. Oh!” “I think you’re right.”

    Much of this work comes out of introspection as much as observation. Thanks for sharing this.


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