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I like REST.  It seemed to gel with me more than SOAP did.  I think the overall simplicity of it, reduced the barrier to entry.  Whilst I love well defined schemas and protocols, SOAP got some of my most respected and senior colleagues bewildered and frustrated, realising that the real SOAPy world that promised vendor neutral interoperability between OS and even XML framework level didnt materialise.  Too many times at my previous employer, we were stuck between a rock and a hard place when one supplier wanted to use one form of XML serialisation, but we already had another framework in our classpath do deal with another suppliers (competing supplier funnily enough) that clashed.

So if you want to spread the word of REST, these resources seem to be ok:

Addressing Doubts about REST from InfoQ Explores: REST

Stefan Tilkov Talks REST, Web Services and More

Edit: Good news, the Jersey JAX-RS (rest api for Java) implementation v1.2 was released recently.  Jersey 1.2 User Guide

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