This is Ezekial Ox’s new band.  I’ve gotta admit to exercising some caution before jumping into following a new band he fronts given that Mammal and Full Scale both imploded or exploded… but like a partner in a bad relationship, still want to give this a shot, and any gig with Ezekial Ox is fricken great, as much as I’d want to pretend thats not the case, it just is.

So Over-reactor is the new band site.  It contains a whole bunch of demos.  The first track off their demos, “Best of Worst” has a killer intro, a sort of stoner rock/QUOTSA feel.  Speaking of which, the whole Over-Reactor does have that ‘Mondo Generator’ feel to it, down to the name, and the sound.  I’ve only heard 3 tracks so far though and their is the demo monkier to consider, but it was more than what I was expecting, and it is a big enough of a departure from the Full Scale / Mammal stuff to be refreshing enough.  Watch that space.

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