How to Start Getting Professional about Software Development

A great blog that simply states management philosophy and the flak that you may experience trying to apply, sometimes simple, dev practices.  It relates to keeping yourself grounded, and patient, and trying out new practices where you can.  The final point in the blog which I’m going to paste here is pure gold.

The grass is always greener on the other side. Switching jobs might be the right thing to do when you get a great offer, or if your current job resists all attempts to change it to the better. But consider this: When you have a real interesting software development position to fill. Whom would you consider? The guy complaining about the last job where he wasn’t allowed to work professionally and therefore hasn’t any real experience in writing tests, never worked with a CI system or a build tool. Or would you prefer someone who introduced testing into a project team, show initiative by setting up hudson on his own machine and is now looking for an employer who supports this kind of attitude. I know what kind of coworker I am looking for. So make sure you tried to make your job a better one, before you leave.

Schauderhaft » How to Start Getting Professional about Software Development.

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