Speed Reading Links

Speed Reading Links

While searching Music Speed Reading to help my brother I came across a few pages:

Speed reading software, articles and tips (Ababasoft) – has lots of background info on speed reading plus flash games to help you develop your skills. There are lots of them, there is even a speed reading metronome. The site also has a lot of flash games to learn music theory. Great site.

RocketReader – An aussie product which is an end to end speed reading and comprehension tool. Looks good – a little pricey ($99 AUD).

There were other relevant tools (mainly screenreaders) at this site where I came across the above two links.

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  1. There are several important things to think about before speed reading a book. For example, if your are a law student or a med student you need to practice vocabulary first. Because if you do not understand the words (technical language) of the books you are reading, you simply cannot read faster. Quality will suffer.

    If you’re looking for a no-hype approach to reading faster, check out: http://www.speedreadingsecrets.com

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