Strengthening Archilles Heel

The Netgear WGT634U router has been giving me connection woes of late. I’ve had to hard reboot it a few times before any client machine could connect wirelessly. Given I want to run some permanent services on my desktop, I want to swap it around with my Linksys WRT54G.

I thought I found my answer until I realised that making the WGT634U an access point, would not make it a client.

The ToNot plan I had:

  1. Backup existing router settings.
  2. Reflash the Linksys back to its original firmware (from OpenWRT)
  3. Follow the instructions at the Netgear support page to turn the WGT into an access point. I learnt this was possible for the WGT634U thanks to this support post.
  4. Connect the Linksys to the DSL Modem (via WAN port) and configure to connect to internet. Set it as, turn on DHCP. Pick a new SSID to reflect this new networks config.
  5. With the WGT634U having DHCP off and a different SSID to the one above per Netgears instruction
  6. Hope I can still connect – its not going to work. How will the Netgear know to connect to the devices on the linksys’s network? If I set the SSID’s to be the same, then that is relying on wirelessly bridging which is what I’ve already tried. I need the netgear to work in a wireless client which requires OpenWRT/OpenWGT
  7. Also Hope that I can get 108Mbps transfer when my 108Mbps wireless NIC talks to the WGT634U.

An alternate plan comes to mind

  1. Sell the WGT634U

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